Fix ProMods 2.17 + Italy 2.0

Fix for connection Promods 2.17 + Italy 2.0.
Loading order:
1 Fix
2 Italy 2.0
3 Promods 2.17
Tested with Promods 2.17 and Italy 2.0



16 thoughts on “Fix ProMods 2.17 + Italy 2.0

  1. Xander1986

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Great work!!! 🙂

  2. techkilla

    ProMods+RusMap+Project Balkans+SRmap=???

    1. Sergey061

      С Project Balkans будет конфликт.

  3. Worked, I´m surprised, thanks for this!

  4. DavyBerto

    Doesn’t work, crash hen I try to load the map

  5. Very great and big Job. Thank you.

    Works perfect with:
    – PM 2.17
    – RusMap 1.73
    – Project Balkan 2.4
    – Southern Region 6.5

    I´m waiting for, Bober61, again thenk you very much.

    1. Borokleer

      Load order please?

    2. Hello there, what is the load order with Balkans project en rusmap

    3. Promods+ProjectBalkans+Italy 2.0+RusMap+Southern Region Cant get this to work… either the map scale is distorted and some parts doesn’t fit or its border parts are out of the map.

  6. work with promods+rusmap+southern region
    load order : put the fix and the italy map on the top of others maps

  7. Thx, keep up the good works Guys

  8. oldcitylee

    it’s work.Very very very Thanks…
    Promods + Rusmap + Project Balkan 2.4 + Southern Region 6.5

    Can you connect The Turkiye map with Project Balkan 2.4 or Promods

  9. xavier37300

    Hello i would like to know the order of the cards in the mod manager with promods rusmap project balkans southern region and italy thank you

  10. Can you please make a fix? Up in iceland is complete map moved. Nice mod but so everything brings nothing …

  11. When I go+to+watch+the+cargo+offer,+the+game+crash.+:(

  12. Hi there my name is Irvine and I am wandering what load order do I put the mods into do I start with the definition file first or do I start with something else first?

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