Fix ProMods 2.17 + Italy 2.0

Fix for connection Promods 2.17 + Italy 2.0.
Loading order:
1 Fix
2 Italy 2.0
3 Promods 2.17
Tested with Promods 2.17 and Italy 2.0



16 Responses to Fix ProMods 2.17 + Italy 2.0

  1. Xander1986 says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!! Great work!!! 🙂

  2. techkilla says:

    ProMods+RusMap+Project Balkans+SRmap=???

  3. Guest says:

    Worked, I´m surprised, thanks for this!

  4. DavyBerto says:

    Doesn’t work, crash hen I try to load the map

  5. JoachimK says:

    Very great and big Job. Thank you.

    Works perfect with:
    – PM 2.17
    – RusMap 1.73
    – Project Balkan 2.4
    – Southern Region 6.5

    I´m waiting for, Bober61, again thenk you very much.

  6. ramses says:

    work with promods+rusmap+southern region
    load order : put the fix and the italy map on the top of others maps

  7. willem says:

    Thx, keep up the good works Guys

  8. oldcitylee says:

    it’s work.Very very very Thanks…
    Promods + Rusmap + Project Balkan 2.4 + Southern Region 6.5

    Can you connect The Turkiye map with Project Balkan 2.4 or Promods

  9. xavier37300 says:

    Hello i would like to know the order of the cards in the mod manager with promods rusmap project balkans southern region and italy thank you

  10. Poppey says:

    Can you please make a fix? Up in iceland is complete map moved. Nice mod but so everything brings nothing …

  11. Roovaaku says:

    When I go+to+watch+the+cargo+offer,+the+game+crash.+:(

  12. irvine says:

    Hi there my name is Irvine and I am wandering what load order do I put the mods into do I start with the definition file first or do I start with something else first?

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