Iveco Brusque


This mod is unfinished but looks interesting nonetheless.

Rafael Brusque, Helio Matthew and MoD Junior


7 Responses to Iveco Brusque

  1. GhostRunner says:


    We must stop drugs and alcohol. Did not ashamed to offer #### like that?

  2. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    Not trying to be offensive, but what is this supposed to be?

  3. James says:

    Oh my god! What the f*** is it?!

  4. Volvodriver says:

    sorry to say but its like mods get worser everyday its a work in progress i understand but the cab is totallyy wrong nothing like a stralis the tire pressure adjusters are mounted wrong and so are the mirrors just use the standard stralis provided by scs and work from there maybe change the sleeper cab exterior panels scs made them wrong to haha and the funny thing is they are correct at the stralis HI-WAY haha scs is getting slow with updates to maybe its becouse ats is coming very soon cant wait! greets Rick

  5. Johnny Trucker says:

    It is suppose to be brasilian truck no #### it looks different.

  6. allthegoodusernamesweretaken says:

    If the mod is unfinished then why the hell did you upload it? My god, the mods for ETS2 are getting worse!!! We really need some sort of quality control or something!!

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