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Standalone Iveco Euro Tech Truck, update for 1.14.x game versions

Authors: Саня Сентяков, ventyres

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16 thoughts on “Iveco Euro Tech

  1. Ultrabald

    In a lot of countries, you’ll probably get a fine if you put so many shits on your windshield !

    1. how to make a iveco a horrible thing you could do very well without the curtains of his grandmother. Thanks for the effort

  2. What’s the difference, compared to this?

    1. Esta vida loca

      Is it realy a question?

      The differences are the numbers of versions, for 1.14.### you need another settings for models so I read.

      1. Just because, I’m using that one on 1.14…

  3. Hey,

    the mod is so great, but the interior really destroyed everything. Please remove all this unnecessary cle from the interior. I like it without these flags, curtains etc. much better.

    Please, Саня Сентяков & ventyres! 😉

  4. And again all the #### in the interior destroyed a mod.

  5. Alex Baizel

    CrysS may be old enough #### to put

  6. Good mod, but please, remove the curtains and flags.
    Make them optional. Will be better. 😉

  7. Ah, a little suggestion: sideskirts!
    And a rework in the design of the steering wheel.

  8. Faelandaea

    Good god, guys. Just go to a dealer and remove the stuff.

    Nice looking truck, btw, but I like newer trucks so passing on this. But it does look good for an Iveco 🙂

    1. Ultrabald

      Are you kidding us ? Do you really think we would be all complaining if all that #### was optional and removable at the truck dealer ?

  9. Good job man!Thx!

  10. this mod work for 1.16.2s?

  11. que mapa es el del video?

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