Iveco Hi-Way ASDA Skin


ASDA Skin – Iveco Hi-Way,
Can Be Used Form 1.41 Onwards

Maticus1999, SCS Software


9 thoughts on “Iveco Hi-Way ASDA Skin

  1. Where did you get them wheels?

    1. Maticus1999

      They were from my friends wheel pack he made for my vtc, they are private and don’t have the link sorry 🙁

      1. Aw,

        They look really good no wonder they are private.

      2. I got them now, I work for a vtc now and in the comments of a post somebody gave out the link to them. 😀

  2. rockingfiber

    do more mods mate

    1. Maticus1999

      Thanks bud, i am hopefully, just released a volvo by me called Containerships, check it out 🙂

  3. Looks really good and i like where the truck look sort of real i have to say i like this skin

    1. Maticus1999

      Thanks bud, always try to make it as real as possible

  4. Maticus1999

    Thanks for 64 downloads ! 😀

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