Iveco Hi Way Camera


Camera for Iveco Hi Way Truck
Game version 1.4.1

Author: kirill73rus


7 Responses to Iveco Hi Way Camera

  1. trucker richy says:

    This does not work with the UK cabs my friend. But looks nice anyway.

  2. Gabriel says:

    Yes don t work with european cabs!

  3. TimTrucker says:

    looks like nothing was changed?! what did you actually change with this mod?

  4. trucker richy says:

    This mod stops you from using the overhead view (Button 3) on other trucks.

  5. Dan Nepi says:

    How the hell can i install it when its .rar?

  6. don says:

    jesus christ you’re a moron dan. get the hell off a computer before you hurt yourself.

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