All Open Iveco Hi Way


Iveco Hi Way All Open Tuning, for 1.4.1 Game version

Author: RattleSnal


8 Responses to All Open Iveco Hi Way

  1. gts2013 says:

    This Truck have without end Bugs…

  2. bruno says:

    Works in 1.3.1?

  3. MoD JúNioR says:

    The mod is giving error!

  4. torben says:

    game crashes the second i try to enter main menu

  5. Damjan says:

    Game crash when open any save game or back to main many please tell my about for fix this problem.Thanks

  6. &rom says:

    [unit] The file ‘/def/vehicle/addon_hookup_storage.sii’ does not contain serialised units – missing magic mark.

    That was a good move to let ppl use all the options, right! Dafuq then you scramble the files?! DOH!

  7. Mike says:

    This mod is crashing your game 🙁

  8. Artek210 says:

    For this mod the game crashes a dud in it so I wanted to have it and there’s like a gift when I read this mod pointed me to save and that there is not just some my Iveco Scania

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