Iveco Hi Way New 5 Engines


New Engines for Iveco Hi Way Truck:
– 600 hp
– 700 hp
– 800 hp
– 900 hp
– 1000 hp

Author: Ischunddu84


5 Responses to Iveco Hi Way New 5 Engines

  1. Gabriel says:

    Well the engine with 600,700,800,900 hp have only 2600Nm,only engine with 1000hp have 3600Nm.

    Whay not a engine with 560hp – 4000Nm?the best combination.

  2. trucker richy says:

    @ Ischunddu84. Good mod buddy I used it for my hi-way Iveco, thank you. I just have 1 comment, and please don’t think I am being mean, just thought I would point out that the 600 700 and 800 HP engines all have the same torque ratios. You might want to change that a little my friend.

    Trucker Richy

  3. anon says:

    I don’t think the guy who made this quite has the hang of editing engines – the ‘600’ – ‘900hp’ engines all have roughly 580hp and the ‘1000hp’ actually makes ~800hp.

  4. henry says:

    I see no difference in the ride of the truck is the same only the name will change

  5. jonno says:

    Where is that truck? where do you buy it?

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