Iveco Hi-way skin Slovenia


Again I am sharing one of my skins with all ETS2 fans.This skin is
specific, because it is made mainly for Slovenian and of course for
all other ETS2 fans.File is locked.
Reupload on other sites allowed with my credits and original download
Tested on
Safe driving and greetings from Slovenia zak4862



6 Responses to Iveco Hi-way skin Slovenia

  1. petronny says:

    very well done. great skin!

  2. dacko says:

    odlična preobleka

  3. blinkt says:

    Hvala a lahko prosim narediš še za MAN-a in ostale tovornjake?

    • zak4862 says:

      Za MAN-a dobiš enkrat v prihodnjem tednu,za ostale tovornjake pa nič ne obljubim,ker je z prilagajanjem ogromno dela.

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