Iveco Hi Way Tuning v 1.5 by Afrosmiu 1.31

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MOD PROTECTED BY Creative Commons License V4.0. –
– It is possible to freely share MA ONLY using the ORIGINAL links.
– Loading files to other servers is not allowed.
– Do not modify the mod files without permission.
Mod works perfectly with game version V.1.31

MOD PROTETTO DA Creative Commons License V4.0.
– E’ possibile condividere liberamente MA SOLO usando i link ORIGINALI.
– Caricare i file ad altri server non è permesso.
– Non modificare i file mod senza autorizzazione.
La mod funziona perfettamente con la versione di gioco V.131

Afrosmiu, SCS


30 thoughts on “Iveco Hi Way Tuning v 1.5 by Afrosmiu 1.31

  1. Cool Afrosmiu, works perfect- ok, eats some FPS but i think this is normal with this much bling bling on it. Thank you for your nice Truck!
    But the interior needs your work- and may be the sound?

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  3. Thank you for the Truck.

    BUT: 50000€ for the most Stuff ? Too expensive for all Players, which have not too much Money.
    I making one for me: 670.000€ ! 🙁
    My MB WTD Heavy was complete with Tuning, etc. the half Price.

    1. install cheat engine. This program can have the money and experience you want. Search on youtube…

  4. KarenGrigoryan

    Прописка в галерее не правильная и грузовик не появляется. По этому нужно удалить прописку в галерее. Всё равно это как тюнинг к дефолту Хайвея идёт

  5. Ciao Afrosmiu,grazie x l’aggiornamento.

    1. Ciao zoso sto riparando gli errori che mi hanno segnalato

  6. thx nice truck

    [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/automat/b3/b3a48013e515444f.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]} vs {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]}
    [baked_model] Creation of ‘chassis’ baked model failed
    [baked_model] Pieces using same material ‘/automat/b3/b3a48013e515444f.mat’ and parameter packets have different vertex buffer layout {size: 36, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected]} vs {size: 44, .position:[email protected], .normal:[email protected], .color:[email protected], .tex_coord_0:[email protected], .tex_coord_1:[email protected]}
    [baked_model] Creation of ‘cabin’ baked model failed

    fix this !!! game cannot optimized this truck

  7. shastunos

    this mod doesn’t work, when installed, iveco hi way is missing totally

  8. Thats not right. The Truck is in 1.31 Version a extension for the IVECO Highway. Cables are working and i have no errors in log. Mod is on highest prioritie and all things works fine.

  9. Not working. Can’t even open the archive.

  10. KarenGrigoryan

    To truck appeared in the gallery, then remove the registration in the gallery, and then he will

  11. Hello thanks for your report I resolve the errors

  12. hi i started new clean profile with this truck{only} and game crashed several times.
    [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck_desktop/iveco_h.sii’:
    [unit] The pointer to ‘_nameless.ivecoh.aria’ looks like dangling pointer.
    [unit] File ‘/def/vehicle/truck_desktop/iveco_h.sii’:
    [unit] The unit ‘_nameless.141.0c65.96d0’ of type ‘vehicle’ has dangling pointer (to ‘_nameless.ivecoh.aria’) in the attribute named ‘accessories’.
    load_unit_tree() – Failed to load unit tree from file (/def/vehicle/truck_desktop/iveco_h.sii)

    can you fix it?

    1. Hello thanks for your report I resolve the errors

    2. KarenGrigoryan

      So you’re daring folder with a residence permit in the gallery. I already wrote above

      1. shastunos

        подскажи, пожалуйста, поподробней как исправить прописку этого грузовика в галерее

        1. KarenGrigoryan

          Пока никак. Удали просто папки прописки и всё, это же как тюнинг идёт для Хайвея а не автономный грузовик

  13. all works when delete dealer,desktop and couple leds use same .mat file as cabin(dont use these leds and get baked model)

  14. i hate window Glare

  15. darkexplorer64

    Thanks for this great mod, really very well accomplished. HD test:

  16. Halo
    The lightbar on right sideskirt is missing. Also please add front mudflaps, slots for lights on the grill, some tuning options on the rear of the cab and more rear bumpers.

  17. Grazie mille

  18. Papermanan

    What is the password?
    If the password is in the description, tell me where 😀

    1. What is the password of this mod?please

  19. no puedo descargar el archivo

  20. Mr.Afrosmiu what the password? Can you tell me ?

  21. Rene Schmidt

    brauche ein Passwort um den Download zu beginnnen

  22. Mr.Afrosmiu what is the password?

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