Iveco Hi Way Tuning v 1.6 by Afrosmiu 1.36

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– Loading files to other servers is not allowed.
– Do not modify the mod files without permission.
Mod works perfectly with game version V.1.36

Fixed prices
corrected the textures
directx 11



12 thoughts on “Iveco Hi Way Tuning v 1.6 by Afrosmiu 1.36

  1. Thank you for update your great work 🙂

  2. Thankyou Afrosmiu very beautiful one mode ??

  3. Hello, Afrosmiu,
    thank you for the Update.
    But I made a zip-File from the scs, now only 136mb… ?

    1. OK, there is one Problem:
      The Hiway is no more in the Truck Browser. ?
      I´ve trying to change the Priority, but no Way.
      May be, you have a Solution ? ?‍♂️

      1. Good morning thank you I provide accommodation

        1. Thank you for your Reply.
          I like your Mods since a long time. 5*

  4. does not open after downloading it tells me damaged file

  5. OK, I finished my first Truck and the Chrom does this:
    h t t p s://

    Does ist on DX11 and DX9.

    1. OK, Problem resolved. ?
      Was a Mod. ?

  6. scaniadriver162

    does it work with the Iveco from Schumi?

  7. Hi, thank you for updating, you realy made me happy! Good work…

  8. please upgrade it to 1.37

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