Iveco HiWay + Interior Hindelang Spedition


Minicool Climate: Maxx2504
Hindelang Skin: MrGermanTruck
Hindealng Logo Copyright by buchstaben&mehr GmbH & Hindelang
Interior: daf1

Have Fun đŸ™‚
Greetz MrGermanTruck

Test on Version
The turn signals on the trailer have been revised !!!


2 Responses to Iveco HiWay + Interior Hindelang Spedition

  1. [UNTITLED] says:

    Look if you don’t like it just don’t download it

    why do you use bad language now react normally

    by: staff SCS Software

  2. kamata93 says:

    Can someone upload the sound mod from Kriechbaum? I cant find it anywhere

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