Iveco Stralis Tandem Pack


4 files

B62-estes freight tandem pack – has the iveco stralis and tandem trailer/cargo
B62-estes_dd_tandem_pack_2 – tandem trailer/cargo (don’t use this if you’re using pack file)
B62-iveco stralis estes tandem – the truck/cargo (don’t use this if you are using pack file)
Dd_tandem_trailer_profiliner – use if you only want the profiliner to show up for jobs (though, the tanker
And cooliner show up too – thinks it’s a glich)

Credit goes to flemming v for his outstanding work on the bdf tandem

Bobbo662 (Robert)


3 thoughts on “Iveco Stralis Tandem Pack

    1. Melichov_SU – apparently you didn’t read the read me file, here’s what the truck looks like IF you didn’t correctly and read the read me. So don’t proof me wrong.

  1. Melichov_SU


    Options tandem – a lot. Don’t see a reason to worry.

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