Iveco Strator Version 1


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Strator ver1
test in 1.21x whithout any bug!
3 type cabin
3 type chassis
dlc cabin + scs tuning + strator tuning parts.
mod manager ready!
all tamplate is include.
I did not have time for up video!!! sorry !
please wait for next update(new parts & chassis)
*Don´t upload this file on other hoster!!!*

scs (for base mod) shoofer (E.M Team)


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63 thoughts on “Iveco Strator Version 1

    1. Thanks!

  1. Thank you! I love this truck and i like see its in the game.

  2. Roadrunner

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! grate truck and amazing mod but if i could ask you to do one more thing if you plan a V2 of this mod could you make the bonnet visible when inside the cab using a right hand drive interior please 😀

    1. ok! i do it in next version.

  3. JagEngland

    Thank you very much!
    The last European mass-produced onroad torpedo truck is finally in ETS2.

  4. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps + Logitech G27 + TrackIR5 Video

  5. christophe

    super beau bahut tre jolie travail merci

  6. Dreamcatcher

    Can you make in the next version also a skinnable sideskirt?

    1. ok

  7. nice truck hope that you dont mind me saying but i just googled the truck an seen that the side skirt goes all the way along on the ones i was looking at so maybe on an update you could change this otherwise very nice truck

    1. thanks! in the next ver im remodel the real sideskirts.

  8. Fix the #### download, that page is NOT working! Pick another site for download.

  9. Sorry error was found in the truck.
    No visible marker bayonet from the cockpit.
    A double chassis is not evenly distributed.
    Video from a Jew MrGerman is not clear,
    Nervous twitching, and no multiple angles.
    Learn to shoot video, you #####.

    1. wow, racist much?? you’re happy to slag him out with a racial slur but you mask the word #####…

  10. problem! in next update I’m fix it.

  11. Ok! in the next update i do it.

  12. Doktor_Psix

    Обзор на русском!

  13. Shoofer – thank you! Great job dude!

  14. FINALLY!!!!!!
    Shoofer – Thank You very much.
    Now the Scania T has real competition in ETS2.

  15. Hi! The Iveco Strator is wonderful! You did a very good job! Congrats!

    But, the engine could have more power, huh? Approximately from 1000 to 1500 HP. Then, it would be just perfect! It is just a suggestion…

    Thank you!

    1. thanks ! i do it.

    2. 560HP and 2500Nm is a real power in this truck – look in google.
      If Uwant unreal power look at drf files engine and type power and torque as U want …

  16. Really nice…I’m not a Iveco fan but the Strator is nice…now i drive Iveco 😀

    Bit please new sideskirts like this 😀×600-kippervrachtauto-iveco-strator-6×4.jpeg

  17. Muito bom o truck mas tem que fazer alguns ajustes quanto a sombra. espero a próxima atualização

  18. Thanks for your work but what is this f****** website to download the truck ??? totally impossible to download it , no link !! Please re upload it on a good website .

    1. in fact for those who like me were not able to download it , you have to click on :

      free downlaod

      then a page appear and on the right hand bottom corner there is written “create download link” …it’s where you have to click to get the truck….

      Really a bad website… next time upload on more conventionnal one .

  19. Great looking truck and seems to run smooth, how ever in the next update can you please add Exclusive right hand drive interior and the engine cover visible in the right hand drive interior, thanks and hope to see a update soon

  20. jake_the_snake

    Very good job for a v1.0! It needs some small model fixes or changes in sii files, but it’s already a very good truck. 7/10 for now.
    My suggestions:
    In 6×2.sii and 6×4 the middle axles are set as liftable, but in game the rear axles are up. 6×2 chassis needs the middle axle to be liftable and it should be steered/pushed axle (like in real Strator). Some engine options are missing (cursor9 400, cursor11 480). The transmissions used in Strator are also known, you should add them too:
    ZF 9S1310TO,
    ZF 12AS1420TD,
    ZF 16S1630TD,
    ZF 16S1920TD,
    ZF 12AS1930TD,
    ZF 16S2220TD
    ZF 16S2320TD,
    ZF 12AS2330TD,
    ZF 12AS2530TO,
    ZF 16S2520TO
    Oh yes, the exclusive uk versions of interior are missing.

    1. I did not have any information about strator !
      Only a few photos at google !
      Thank you for your information.

  21. Not showing @ dealer , mod is active , any ideas pls

  22. David A King

    No link appears says you have to do captua to do link. No captua appears

  23. KingScania

    Theres so much room for improvement on this truck. Fixing holes, making the original front part behing the first axle, where the entry ladder is located, doing the actual Sideskirts, fixing the material issues on the interiors…
    Its nice in concept, but the model doesnt live up to the expectations by now.

  24. crash with 50k wheels mod

    1. jake_the_snake

      @Banshee The wheels in .sii files are in wrong format. As a f_wheel and r_wheel instead of f_rim/f_tire and r_rim/r_tire.

  25. Ghostrider2800

    Thank you so much shoofer. I hope that in V2 the sideskirts will have a proper lenght. And Iam missing a midlift axle Chassis.
    Here is a link to the official Strator Website. Maybe you can take some ideas from this site to your next update.

    1. tnx dude!

      1. Ghostrider2800

        I have tons of ideas for the Strator. Its a truck which i wanted to see for so Long in ets2 but i absolutely dont know how to use blender or zmodeler. You can join the ETS2 community in the forum and present your awesome work there.

  26. ShuqGrind

    Absolutely awesome truck! I had been waiting this for so long and finally it became a reality. Thank you so much shoofer!

    1. tnx and enjoy!

  27. how do i download this, i’ve never used that ###### hosting site

    1. nice skin !

      1. Thank, Just a draft

  28. This truck is good, but there is some bugs that maybe people won’t notice. see that bugs in here

  29. Thank you all !
    I’m trying to make up for mistakes in the next update!(ui shadow.real strator exclusive interior )

    Go ahead the sharemods link for strator

  30. Shoofer, Frame origin Stator, 4×2,6×2, 6×4,…, diesel reservoir 2×450 liter of basic, under cabin

  31. Thx you !!!
    An E6 version planned ?

  32. Thanks

  33. Why doesnt this truck dont show me up in the store? Is Iveco store the right place?


  34. I love this truck Thank You !!!! my 1 request is for a clearer dashboard for us visually impaired (poor sighted) drivers

  35. Hi

    This mod doesn´t work, when active mod, the game crashes. Please correct the mod. because my game is not to blame

  36. Hi Shoofer.

    That is very nice truck. I reworked it for me private (most dds files in interior and some outside – fenders are paintable now 😉 ).
    I have some wishes (or sugestion) for next update:
    1. add skinable and chromed fender pls
    2. add paintable/skinable/chromed aluplate on chassis (cover plate)
    3. add more addons slot in cabin for most popular mods
    4. add more addons slot outside for low cabin

    And… add new version so fast as possible pls 🙂

    Best regards.

  37. ariaei-group-pc

    join to ous channel telegram:

  38. In when the v2?

  39. please make an work 1.27 update!

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