Iveco Turbostar – Beta 1.4 (1.43)

CHANGELOG 1.4 (1.43)

– New 6L (190-33 and 190-36) engine sound
– Reworked V8 480HP (190-48 )engine sound
– Removed Paint Bartoletti OSB Body in the trailer selection. Is now replaced
by an accessory slot (Steel) with 2 different shapes: aluminium or paintable.
– New interior camera. Now includes also a panoramic ,a bed and a passenger seat view.
– Added “engine” folder of def structure to the “Part 1” archive. Now is possible to edit the existing engine files or add a new one. Is also possible to edit engine files in order to create custom sound packs.

AUTHOR: Ralf84 | Credits: – Fabian Modding, Scaniaman1989, Mixer66, Baltazar, Ventyres, Peerke145, Kriechbaum, Dani Lee, Ekualizer

DOWNLOAD 460 MB [mirror]

3 thoughts on “Iveco Turbostar – Beta 1.4 (1.43)

  1. HI! Please 1.44 version

  2. Hi , with 1.47 is inpossible play this very good truck. Please upgrade to 1.47 many thanks.

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