Iveco Turbostar [KadircanOzkan]

Convert: KadircanOzkan
Tested Version: 1.26.X



10 thoughts on “Iveco Turbostar [KadircanOzkan]

  1. AlexCrazy

    looks like ugly sh!t :)))

  2. JonTheVGNerd

    Exits the game abruptly as a result of this mod. Sorry, but its broken and needs fixing.

  3. non funziona ma sarebbe bello avere un 190.48 fatto bene nel gioco

    1. Dani Lee sta aggiornando il suo Iveco_190-38_Special
      questo è ben fatto è funziona bene
      se vuoi provare la versione attuale la trovi in questo forum

      1. Grazie zoso aspetterò l’aggiornamento di Dani lee.

  4. sarah1224

    Not even close to Iveco TurboStar

  5. CRASH!! Help!

  6. Looks it was a MAN F2000 before it transform to something want looks like a Turbostar 🙂

    1. Dani lee si potrebbe fare un 190.48 special??

    2. Dani Lee you are right. But you forgot that truck is from 80′ when is several truck companies using same design for trucks (like MAN, Magirus Deutz, Iveco, FIAT even one MAZ model is have this design). Difference is only in logo, engines, transmission and some little details. So not to be suprised that this truck looke like MAN F90 or MAN 2000.

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