IWR r5.5.4 alpha


– Edits night lighting in the rain, the general illumination correction.
– Reworked lighting in the morning and evening, gray shadows, reduce the color intensity.
– Increased mist in the morning and evening, customized color.
– New effect of the sun and halo setting for him. Hardly noticeable, but there is.

More information:


DOWNLOAD 349 KB [dfiles]
DOWNLOAD 349 KB [sharemods]

17 thoughts on “IWR r5.5.4 alpha

  1. Alex Knoks

    work For Map Mhpro 1.17 version 1.16.x ??

  2. EJTruckingINC

    your instructions are in another language…could you please include English instructions? I tried Google translate and it don’t know your language lol…thanks!!!

    1. ###### comment because is not full mod!!!!Next time please look mod and download site

    2. Look first link is original please stop comment useless.

      1. No, that’s your link Crys8 (aka Mods90)

        The one Fred_Be posted is uploaded by BlackOpen (the author).

        1. And if you go to scsforum link you will see he provided the official link there for HD version, stop trying to deceive people into using your link.

          HD http://sharemods.com/uh22zx7sgngf/IWR_HD_r5.zip.html

          1. Not cheated anybody if you’re ###### what you did not do.

        2. Is not full mod,look first download,it’s dfiles.eu?

    3. EJTruckingINC

      Thanks bro!!!

  3. I like very much your IWR mod, BlackOpen, thanks for it.

    I see additional “Z” in the name of the 5.5.4 .scs file, does that means that we have to activate IWR + 5.5.3 + 5.5.4? Or it’s enough with basic IWR + 5.5.4?

  4. Wellington

    I remove the previous patch and leave only the current , I do not know if I’m doing right.

  5. The sky is red for me also

  6. XTheAwesomeTorX

    Sky is red for me too 🙁 is there someone who knows how to fix it?

    1. Walter Plinge

      Start praying… Looks like the Apocalypse is near !

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