IWR r6 Compilation


Mod contain original SGate color and HDR defines from IWR r6 and Supric fixed sun position skybox textures.
Also included all ProMods climate defines all in one mod file.
Added separate mod to remove bloom IWR_r6_nobloom.scs

Nothing was changed. My compilation only.

SGate, Supric

DOWNLOAD 432 MB [Mirror]

26 Responses to IWR r6 Compilation

  1. Zhuk says:

    EAA Bus map support ?

  2. Luis says:

    Piva, is valid for TSM?

    • piva says:

      I don’t remember, but old TSM not used any other climate profiles, so it must work.

  3. thimic51 says:

    this mod report that
    Is it better than PWM and can use them together ?

    (Sorry for my poor english language )

  4. Luis says:


    • H.Trucker says:

      Hi Breizhdave:
      No, not work with Lautus Graphics because Lautus Graphics has many textures of the Improved Weather mod

  5. Ets2fan says:

    Thanks Piva great mod!

  6. Breizhdave says:

    Works with lautus ??

    Thanks you

    • piva says:

      I don’t know – I don’t use this mod, I use my 😀

      • slava says:

        Вот и используй “свой”мод,а то всю погоду автора под себя переписал и выкладываешь как свой.не стыдно?

        • piva says:

          Ничего не переписано использовано только авторское. просто мод Суприка стал недоступным на шаремодс. Напиши Илюхе пусть он прикроет эту лавку – мне пофигу. Делал для тех кто любит Илюхин мод, но ему самому это делать лениво.

  7. H.Trucker says:

    Piva as always great job 🙂

  8. leonardo says:

    Which sweet fx/reshade are better for this mod?

  9. wegger says:

    It works with ProMod 2.03 ?

  10. Maks-80 says:


  11. Adrian says:


  12. yasin says:

    ıs there no bloom ???

  13. Agnius says:

    Can you make it working with promods 2.10 ?

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