J Heebink Truck and Trailer Pack v1.0


Heebink skin MOD.
This mod is created with original designs that I received from J. Heebink Logistic Services.
This mod contains the following skins:

DAF XF Super Space Cab Euro6 skin
DAF 105 XF Super Space Cab skin
Scania R Topline Skin
Scania Streamline Topline Skin


Krone Profiliner
Krone Coolliner

Because the Schmitz trailer (which Heebink uses) is not available in this game I used the Krone Coolliner instead. The same for the Krone Profiliner.

The design belongs to J. Heebink Logistic Services. This mod belongs to me. No unauthorized re-uploads or other ways of distribution are allowed without my permission.

Enjoy 🙂

(If you downloaded the complete pack, this mod is also included.)



2 Responses to J Heebink Truck and Trailer Pack v1.0

  1. arthur vince says:

    Hij is zekers mooi geworden..helemaal top!

  2. Roylee01 says:

    Dankjewel!! 🙂

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