J.J. Verweij Transport combo pack


combo skin packs



9 thoughts on “J.J. Verweij Transport combo pack

  1. Plyz link skin for daf

  2. yes, please tell me how i can change .dds

    1. 看那少年疯了q

      My God, what can you do?

    2. there is not the skin, you have to create it
      with dafxf.dds

  3. sljiva_fh

    Can you give me dl link for wheels please? 😀

    1. 看那少年疯了q

      I will upload, please wait

  4. This is only the skin file (.DDS). You have to create the mod yourself, i.e. using ETS2 Studio. I have applied both skins (Verweij and Frank de Ridder) to the DAF XF from 50K and they fit perfectly. Very high quality skins!

    1. 看那少年疯了q

      Yes, thank you.

  5. 看那少年疯了q

    I will upload, please wait

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