Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S [1.32]

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This is a replica skin of the real Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S650 truck. Please respect these credist and keep http://modding.kerstens.eu/product/jacob-pedersen-lundby-scania-s-1-32/ as the download link. Also, keep the original images that come with this mod. Reuploading using that link is allowed! Reuploading using a differint link is strictly forbidden!

samvanneste, Kerstens Modding


13 thoughts on “Jacob Pedersen Lundby Scania S [1.32]

  1. COOL!!

  2. ooo i like it mate nice one

  3. Thank you, very nice!

  4. REVIEW:

  5. Lilo is Good

    I love this paintjob but I cannot make a video about it, is that okay?

  6. TeddyBear

    When I use the exact same sideksirts, the main skin is affected onto them! How to solve that problem?

    1. Kerstens Modding

      Male sure to use the 1.32 open beta

  7. Very Nice

  8. Christian S.

    when I create a skin, the side parts do not work and are colorful.
    How did you do this?

  9. darkexplorer64

    It is a really beautiful skin. HD Test:

  10. scaniatrucking

    i can´t find the paint to the truck any suggestions, and yes i am on 1.32

  11. Kevin Wijk

    Whats the pasword i want to use it for privat

    Nice truck

  12. Miniplayz

    video with this amazing skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQJ1Rk7aJcc

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