Jano textures sounds pack 2.0.1_fix. 1.24.0 Beta


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Scania Streamline fix. 1.24.0 Beta




9 thoughts on “Jano textures sounds pack 2.0.1_fix. 1.24.0 Beta

  1. TYVM for updating

    1. Your welcome. 🙂

  2. Having problems with promods because of the grass textures

    1. Hi. The original game was only tested the mod. What’s wrong?

  3. 00:10:11.804 : Dropped 45943 instances of ‘/model/vegetation/grass/grass_green1.pmd’ exceeding the per-item rendering limit (65536). Reduce instanced model density or increase instanced model (grass/tree) variability by using profile with more model types.

  4. Thanks for reporting. \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mods \ Jano_textures_sounds_pack_2.0.1.scs \ def \ World \ vegetation.sii. delete this file. it will be the original density of the grass.

  5. There`s no file to download would you be able to re upload it for me cheers

  6. there are many issues, including basics, because seems in fact it is made to v1.23, not for v1.24

    the game.log.txt is not cleaned.

    1. the v8k wheels and rims replaces the original 🙁

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