Je Suis Charlie Trailer

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Je Suis Charlie Trailer Skin

Author: Dylan Tuto Games Lego


9 Responses to Je Suis Charlie Trailer

  1. Charlie says:

    Do we really have the freedom to say what we want to say? Because Dieudonné didn’t have this freedom.

  2. houssem says:

    je suis MOHAMED ♥

    • dylandusud says:

      je suis pas raciste

      • mike says:

        Je SUIS HUMAIN!!! IF you disrespect on a religion, you will face the consequences. That’s not racism!

  3. da says:

    just some gaylords who terribly disrespected prophet Muhammad and prophet Jesus.
    It would be better if they were not killed, but if you are a true Muslim or a true Christian, know the facts and stop this “je suis” bullshit.

    • jdwarfer says:

      Je suis Charlie!

      • mike says:

        IF you are saying that “I’m Charlie” that means i’m racist! SO, f*ck you retarded racist!!!

  4. Hamma says:

    je suis avec MOHAMED

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