Jetbus HD V3


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Jetbus High Deck V.3
Model By Muhammad Husni
Convert to ets2 By Markus Mods Garage

Attention please :
This mod is JB2HD by M.Husni and Markus Mods Garage addons, so if you want to use this model the JB2HD mod must active too. you can download JB2HD at:

Known Bugs :
– Only RHD, because this is Indonesian Model
– Fix exterior wiper
– Actros Default Interior Wiper

This bus mod is standalone and you can buy at Majestic/Mercedes Big Truck Dealer
Pass Clue at read me, translate to Indonesian for the answer

Muhammad Husni, Markus Mods Garage


72 Responses to Jetbus HD V3

  1. riodandy007 says:

    bapak markus \ :v /

  2. mohammad.b says:


  3. Flying dutchman says:

    Ini berita baru yg tadi. :v

  4. ScaniaFreak says:

    Password?? I looked in the Read me but cannot unlock 🙁

  5. ScaniaFreak says:

    it says when i type in coffin it says \wrong password or invalid file\

  6. серёга says:

    какой пороль я Russia

  7. Cassa says:

    wkakwka pake agus”an ga ini ?

    this is indonesian bus bro 😀

    cool man :v

  8. truckerpiet says:

    password: 6 anak

  9. deffa says:

    itu buat versi berapa

  10. eelelelelelel says:

    You will need also the driver’s seat on the left side.

  11. RindaMan says:

    ngecrash terus pas mau beli mobilnya 🙁

  12. V8Driver says: -zombie bus :D:D

  13. akbar says:

    gan paswordnya apa

  14. Kang Tris says:

    nice pass di sebutkan . jadi gk usah mikir2 :v

  15. Reecinater says:

    Why does my game keep crashing when trying to select the truck in the dealer????

  16. Verdi says:

    Looks great for a bus 🙂

  17. S Core says:

    Pas masuk dealernya malah crash :'(

  18. billy says:

    trucknya di jalan pada hilang semua, tinggal mobil2 kecil dan bus,,, gimana ini gan????

    • Rifa says:

      iya dijalan kenapa jadi gak ada trucknya, jalanan jadi gak ada kemacetan gara gara mobil kecil pada ngacir semua

  19. ilham says:

    winrar password -___-

  20. Daniel says:

    Hi, can you do the same bus, just with the steering wheel on the left side, or are there any verisoins that you prefer.

  21. Busman says:

    Hello it keeps crashing my game when i go manually to the dealer it’s there but when i buy it, it crashes over and over again please help someone!! 🙁

  22. Gopal says:

    Guys I really appreciate your work for making MODS for this wonderful game but why the hell should you keep password i am searching for a BUS mod since 2 weeks and i land here i dont know if this works, i wanna try please give me the password. 🙁 🙁

  23. Gopal says:

    Guys I really appreciate your work for making MODS for this wonderful game but why the hell should you keep password i am searching for a BUS mod since 2 weeks and i land here i dont know if this works, i wanna try please give me the password. 🙁

  24. ицо says:

    а имали jetnbus с ляв волан и ако има как мога да го изтегля 🙂

  25. Steve says:

    cites that have majestic/marecedes dealrs in uk and other countries – the game would crash when trying to enter the cities

  26. fauzi says:

    jangan di password’in segala dong, percuma buat kas tau tapi di password’in

  27. rahmat1997 says:

    Bang, gimana caranya agar bus dibelakangnya ga nempel dengan truk? modnya apa?

  28. Naz says:

    Bro, kok bus nya gak ada di dealer Mercedes Benz yg besar?
    Ane pake yg versi 1.16.2s kompatibel gak?

  29. equinox says:

    stopped working mulu nihh

  30. eza says:

    crash pas beli busnya. TSnya kmana niii???????????

    #Ninggalin Jejak

  31. Davaine says:

    This is not working in 1.16

  32. RIZKI cemeos says:

    ini buat versi game ets berapa

  33. Ardi says:


  34. Ardi Mahadika says:

    bapak markus

  35. nanda says:

    gue gak ngerti nihh!!!!!!!!

  36. Mohammad Almairul Wafa says:

    Pas ganti truk,kok malah ngecrash?

  37. anton says:

    ini buat versi brpa gan ?

  38. Andri says:

    Clue Pas koq gini gk paham

  39. miftahul umam says:

    mas ini harus patch berapa ets 2 nya??

  40. Jeagerrush says:

    gan tombol buat downloadnya yg mana?

    • WILDAN GAMING says:

      Gan,aku bingung ;

      – dealer apa
      – file ada 2 yang dicopy mana
      – ini harus upgrade apa enggak…

  41. Timo says:

    gw udah download, tapi di dealer Mercedez playmouth kok ga ada ya?
    file udah di extract juga ke folder mod

  42. ronald tarassaputra says:

    password nya apa

  43. Rayyan says:

    gk ada di dealer majestic, versi bisa?

  44. m.Fathi farhat says:

    Yang Ini Yang Paling Oke (bus)

  45. Rizky Maulana says:


  46. reza says:

    passwornya apa aku gak tahu

  47. Refli Haryadi says:

    kgk ada password.x ap?? -_- wah jan PHP

  48. rembo says:

    macam kontol yang posting ini, pakek pasword segala. percuma gan,,,,,anjrit

    • Rifqi_Pro says:

      Mntap Gan. Biarin Aja Yg Ngmong Jgn Di Password Mungkin Mreka Blom Skolah 😀 Masih di Tk :v

      Mod Bus Working Di 1.16
      Klo Msih Blom Work Lu Banting Komputer nya :v

  49. Fajar herlambang says:

    Mohon jangan pake passwod dong ada mod nya kok gk ada passwod nya?

  50. Mahesa Erlangga says:


  51. ALVIN RAMADAN says:

    PASSWORDNYA : peti mati

  52. gibra says:

    wah gua mau nich

  53. Twahir says:

    need more indonesian bus,they are good with suspensions and real sounds nice work..

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