Join the VTC TS Transport!


Join our 2 year old VTC in ETS2! With our very nice trucks and
trailers, are we one of the best VTC’s of europe!

TS Transport


8 Responses to Join the VTC TS Transport!

  1. beubeu09 says:

    video svp

  2. Euro Trucker says:

    Haha wats with “NOT” take a chill pill

  3. Sören says:

    yho verry nice skins but can you make it also for the scania torpedo i’m useing the scania t cab redline if you can make the skins for the longline aswell for the norm one wood be great

  4. trigger says:

    i rather take my own life then work for a slave driver!

  5. scaniatrucker73 says:

    Might be useful to give the link to the website of the VTC so people who want to join know where to go.

  6. beubeu09 says:

    il represente quoi se mods

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