Jost Group skinpack


Jost Group Mercedes Actros Euro 5 (MP3)
Jost Group Mercedes Actros MP4 (Euro 6) – the mod contain too the plastic mod for the truck
Jost Group Renault Magnum
Jost Group Renault Premium
Jost Group Trailer

If you want to make a skins of any company you can leave a comment.


DOWNLOAD 5.4 MB MB Actros skin
DOWNLOAD 48 MB MB Actros MP 4 skin / parts
DOWNLOAD 53 KB Renault Magnum skin
DOWNLOAD 66 KB Renault Premium skin
DOWNLOAD 30.6 MB Trailer skin

6 thoughts on “Jost Group skinpack

  1. This mod is not compatibility with DLC Interior Accessories 🙁

  2. MakinDamage

    Who of them my friend to fix it 🙂

  3. Perat david

    Salut saurais tu me faire la semi au couleur de chez van egdom marien ??

    1. MakinDamage

      Bonjour cours fera dans un avenir proche sera analysé ici

  4. Il est possible de me faire un skin toute marque de l’entreprise Sudotrans ?

  5. Is it possible to make a skin from [FR] du perthois

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