JP Vis & ZN combo skin Ekeri Tandem

skin for Scania RJL 6 series tandem with two lightbox and ownable ekeri trailer, mods needed: Ekeri semitrailer by Kast, Ekeri Tandem addon by Kast, Tandem Addon scania RJL by Kast, light and accessory by Powerkasi, RS Scania addons by Powerkasi…thanks to pi.ets2v8 for base mod



3 thoughts on “JP Vis & ZN combo skin Ekeri Tandem

  1. its not working because the mod want scandinavian and i don t have

  2. Feel free to do more with other company logos would clearly be good !!

    -All Box’s (4 and 4.4m)
    -Scania S by Eugene
    -4500mm Chassis
    -4700mm Chassis

    For truck you need:
    -Next Generation Scania P G R S by Eugene
    -Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast

    For trailer you need this:
    -Ekeri, Vak, Kraker, Närko, Knapen and NTM Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast

    Thanks in advance!!

  3. it does not work. i ve searched for every box in 4700 because it didnt allow me to put it on the smaller one. 4,0 meter. nothing

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