JPgamer1703 Map

This is a map extension from the Map SCS

Model: SCS
Texture: SCS
Script: SCS
Idea / concept: JPGamer1703
Tester: JPGamer1703
Other: JPGamer1703


9 thoughts on “JPgamer1703 Map

  1. AvM Transport

    You ever saw a road block with 3 trailer & wrong arrow in real life?

    1. Eu Driver

      ### If YOU dont can this mod, Dont down, and SHUT UP!!! KID FaCePaLm

      1. AvM Transport

        Use google translate, if you cant speak & write english 😉

    2. Jpgamer1703

      I’m still working on it, there’s a lot more to come, e.g. a highway is closed or there will definitely be a house where you can sleep!

  2. Jpgamer1703

    the arrows are correct

    1. AvM Transport

      Arrow to the ground? I have to drive under the trailer? Okay.

  3. mapa jest na osobny moduł czy działa z kazdą

    1. jpgamer1703

      Dotyczy tylko karty SCS !!

  4. Das Spiel stürtzt bei mir immer ab wenn ich den Mod an mache

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