JTR Skin for RJL’s Scania T

Skin available for Topline and Longline cabins only. Skin is also metallic and can be recolored, enjoy!

These mods are (and will be) always free, but if you would like to keep me more up at night (or like these mods, or whatever other reasons) you can help me by donating at PayPal.Me/VandallRTR, thanks.
PS: ANY other links besides this one (under the name Vandall RTR on Steam or tyb33rk on mods.lt)posted here is mod stealing so please respect my work and don’t copy, edit or reupload it, thanks again.

Fordsonmies (RJL) for his awesome mod
Kajenna for her beautiful artworks (check her out: https://www.deviantart.com/kajenna )
paint.net for being a very helpful tool in this
ETS2Studio for taking a lot of headaches away
SCS Software for this nice game
YOU guys!

tyb33rk, SCS, RJL, Kajenna


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