Jumbovan trailer pack


This is the Jumbovan pack by Street, madecompatible for v1.3 by Bart van Ham The original makes the game crash if you updated to v1.3, this will not.

Install: extract the rar to the mod folder and leave the three scs files where they are, you need all three of them.

If this is the first time you install it, start a new savegame. If you already had it before v1.3, just replace the oldfiles and no new gameis needed.

Author: Street, Bart van Ham


8 thoughts on “Jumbovan trailer pack

  1. I don’t know what’s happening but when I remove this mod it resets my savegame.. Even If I copy my backup again it resets it if this mod isn’t installed. Keep this in mind if anyone’s thinking about installing it. Reason I uninstalled was because textures look low quality and minor bugs that can be a bit annoying.

  2. Hey. Nice mod 🙂 I have the same problem as MrMehh and I wonder if there is any solution so you can remove the mod without the game crashing. Or you have to create a new game from scratch? Grateful for answers!

    Sincerely Mpudi

  3. Streetsurfer1962

    This Trailer is from begin of ETS2 converted by me and in all Trailerpacks of me integrated since November 2012.
    It´s one of first 5 Trailer with KVN Kran and others of me.

    Nobody has the OK of me for new upload or offer this without original Link !!!
    Again, anyone who wants to cut a piece of the pie !!

    1. I only edited your trailerpack so everyone can continue to use it after they update to 1.3. Is that wrong?

  4. Hi Streetsurfer1962! I wonder if you can fix this trailer packs so you can remove the mod without the game crashing. I and several other players would really appreciate it! Nothing wrong with the mod but I think that possibility should exist.

    Sincerely Mpudi

    1. If you use more standalone trailers you will have to combine those files yourself. The author of the mod can’t do anything about that. He doesn’t know which mod interferes with the other.

  5. kurt selway

    I have a request for a skin, and these trailers are perfect, can I go ahead and skin them mate 🙂 ?

  6. Junk trailers.. All Wight at the cargo is 15t… also on the orginal trailer of the game. when i deactived the mod. i cant play it only reset to the screen were to choose profil??
    Grateful for answer

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