Jumbuss Bus 360


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Tested on version 1.21 pneumatic tires own own own inner dvd gps feature to put the bus onboard computer you have no lag Cansi you increase the fps in cities option to put passengers improved sound something Many Paints To Put

Possatto Edition modeling, animation and conversion by AdReis Days Collaboration with creating skins for Cyrax Fox, Gabriel Santos


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7 thoughts on “Jumbuss Bus 360

  1. zbyszek300

    Passenger mod ???

  2. Nice bus,but orange interior……. ### 😀

  3. can you increase the capacity of engine

  4. can you please increase the Capacity of engine

  5. Paddy Daly

    what truck Dealer?

  6. minhthien


  7. Nice mod but i can’t open the “jumbus_360_v1.1_ModShop_pub.scs” its broken

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