Kamaz 5410


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– Buying in Motor DAF
– Its interior
– 2 types of cabins
– Sound Engine Kamaz
– There are painting colors
– There is a small tuning
– His wheels
– Test versions: 1.20s

Authors: N.Zebrov, max, MRD_BMZ

DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Cloud.mail]
DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Drive.google]

5 Responses to Kamaz 5410

  1. niknor2015 says:

    Этот мод Прописан в Заказах компаний?

  2. goba says:

    Старьё. Хлам.

  3. jon says:

    complete rubish lights dont work

  4. GTHusky says:

    Finally!! Dayton wheels for my Peterbilt 351!!! Don’t care about the truck. Just want the wheels!!

  5. frachti says:

    Please release the tires and rims separately.

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