Kamaz 5410 HQ v 1.35.X

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1.Added black Soviet numbers, standard 58 years.
2. Fixed and launched a new animation of devices.
3. Replaced the texture of the air pressure gauge.
4. The texture of the speedometer is finalized.
5. Arrows of devices are enlarged.
6. Fixed arrow sizes.
7. All devices should show each specific device.
8. Changed the texture of the warning lights.
9. All warning lights work in accordance with the original.
10. Experimentally, engine torque is increased by 18%.

JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Мишанька, _69_mf_,oq37



10 thoughts on “Kamaz 5410 HQ v 1.35.X

  1. jayontheway228

    2k обзорчик

  2. ismail ozdemir

    It is nice to see that you are upgrading this awesome mod. I hope you will add 8×4 chassis.. :))

  3. MawhanGamer

    bad truck bad tunes no more cabins

  4. Hi everyone, I would like to say a few words about this mod. The author has just started work on fixing the original Kamaz mod, and as a result, I should get a classic model of a Soviet truck with its sounds and technical data. I think this mod will be a level XBS for connoisseurs of classics. Sorry for my English and look forward to further development of the project

  5. very+nice+.internal+glass+is+#####+for+good+low+my+pc..thank+next+truck

  6. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2, KAMAZ 5410 HQ ?[1.35]

  7. truckie78

    Fantastic mod! But… the engine sound is very very high! I can’t listen other things: traffic, birds, etc…

  8. PLEASE MOD КамАЗ Арктика 8х8

  9. Very cool

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