Kamaz 5410 + Trailers

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Find in Renault
4 cabins
3 the chassis (1 of them bdf)
16 engines (10 YaMZ 2 TMZ, 4 Kamaz)
13 CAT
His salon
its sounds
Its wheels (many thanks _69_mf_)
Small Engine
Supports DLC Cabin Accessories and DLC National Window Flags
Added advanced coopling
Added in Quick Job

Log clean! version 1.26

Also in the archive are added tandem trailers that were originally with the KamAZ, but which are all forgotten! Suitable for KamAZ 54-64-65, KamAZ 65115-65116.

Authors: JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, adaptation to 1.23: _69_mf_, adaptation to 1.26 and trailers – Phantom94


10 thoughts on “Kamaz 5410 + Trailers

  1. It crash for me in Dealer.

    1. Phantom94

      it’s impossible. I rechecked so many times, and everything is fine. Other people downloading this mod – everything works flawlessly

      1. Ok im going to reinstall game. Thanks 😉

  2. amazing, no crash! only missing is a front bumper, or at least it looks like missing… truck works well up to now, limited number of warnings in log but no other errors. nice tandem trailers too… thanks!

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.26…youtube.com/watch?v=e0QkZPmutt4&feature=youtu.be

  4. Куда делась ссылка?

    1. Phantom94

      И ссылка рабочая

  5. Поворотный круг не работает. Прицеп застопорен.Это плохо.

    1. Phantom94

      Сейчас бы думать, что старый 11летний движок етс2 позволит поворачивать поворотную ось на прицепах

      1. А хотелось бы. Камаз даже сместа его тронуть не может.

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