KamAZ 5410HQ v2.2 ETS2 v1.43.x [JAWA]

“KamAZ 5410HQ v2.2 for ETS2 version 1.43 and up”. (by Authors: JAVA, Stas556)

Recent changes:
Added new viewing mirrors from the interior 🙂
Added new high-quality FMOD sounds of KAMAZ engines – (2 options)
A new high-quality FMOD sound of YAMZ-238
engines has been added. The sounds of the retarder and some exhausts have been fixed.
There is no conflict with KamAZ 5410 Modified oq37 by the author – Oleg Davydov[oq37]
Unfortunately, there is no window animation yet 🙁
The log in the game is 99.9% [percent] clean.

ATTENTION: Please do not confuse with KamAZ 5410 Modified oq37 by the author – Oleg Davydov[oq37].

Last test on ETS version 2: 1.43.x.

Authorship: JAVA, Stas556.
Adaptation and Corrections: MaxX_Agent.
Registration Of FMOD Sounds: MaxX_Agent.
Update from: MaxX_Agent.


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