Kamaz 54112 Modified v

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Changes v2.0.0.1
1. Corrections of registration in the showroom and menu.
2. Removed excess cabs and chassis.
3. Removed unused accessories.
4. General fashion relief.
5. The dimensions of the chassis are brought in accordance with the passport data (the base is reduced, the bumper is moved, the height of the saddle is adjusted.
6. Changed the headlights to less bright.
7. The bumper, fenders and license plate are converted to accessories.
8. Removed non-animated cables, replaced them with animated ones.
9. Removed all errors and warnings in the log.
10. The engine is now one, two boxes, each with four types of the main pair.
11. Slightly corrected the torque curve – easier to start.
12. Remade sounds, especially interior. The car is now quite quiet, as it should be in KamAZ.

Four types of chassis
A lot of engines and gearboxes.
One cabin
Your interior.
There is dirt
A good selection of tires and wheels.
The cabin is painted.

Test on version 1.35.

JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, _69_mf_, Denis_Parhomenko, Eugene_88, oq37


3 thoughts on “Kamaz 54112 Modified v

  1. jayontheway228

    good mod . keep work it . waiting for maz mods progress

    1. jayontheway228

      and krazzzz to)

  2. Abi Games

    Hi, when i tried to make test video i pressed F2 for mirros and game crashed.

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