Kamaz 54115 DB + Trailers


Mod on Kamaz 54115 series of autonomous Truckers + 3 trailer 2 trailer from the series and one trailer as a bonus. Kamaz registered individual slot, sold inside the Volvo. Just registered in the quick work. Has its own beauty and its sounds. Just native engine and 10 speed gearbox. All animation working. 3D lights with laytmaskoy! In tuning added Nick! The presence of small shoals in the model! Model Kamaz has its own color, it is not painted!

Tested 1.16

When distributing make sure to save the authorship (whole list) and the original download link!

Lexan, Schumi


7 thoughts on “Kamaz 54115 DB + Trailers

  1. Why is everyone using Volvo to make mods and almost none uses Renault or Man? This is a source of constant conflicts of mods (=the mod done is not seen, in the end)…

  2. Очень хороший грузовик. Из филъма “Далънобойщики”! Оченъ хороший мод!

    1. Very good work! Only for fans of film “Далънобойщики”!

  3. I’m a fan of this movie.
    Good news:
    Sound engine – Super
    Sound of brakes – Super
    Bad news:
    Ambient lighting is not good. Very dark or very bright.
    The control board are not clearly visible. Seems not in focus.
    Many white cab. This is not real!
    Verstehen Sie?

    I did a 1300 km course with this truck. Good luck guys !!

  4. truck dealers???

    1. VOLVO

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