Kamaz 5460/6460/65201/65117/4326/65221/6350 v 7.1

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What’s new: Version 7.1
– A lot of work has been done with registration of trucks:
– The weight of trailers, truck chassis is indicated to the real ones according to the passport
– For KAMAZ, added a light in the salon (dumis is called “svet” – located next to “migalki”, only 4 options) – the light is turned on by pressing K (now it does not conflict with flashing lights)

Koral, adaptation for 1.36: Phantom94, thanks to Лёха72 for the tips and help in fixing mod errors


8 thoughts on “Kamaz 5460/6460/65201/65117/4326/65221/6350 v 7.1

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thank you very much indeed

  2. jayontheway228

    Kamal new year test

  3. AfzallPixell

    video 1.36…………

  4. this video does not apply at all to this KAMAZ. here is a map and another KAMAZ

  5. Олексій Балашук


  6. not showing up for me.

  7. its work on 1,37?

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