Kamaz 5460 6×6


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It is added:
* 3 cabin
* 3 chassis – 4×2, 6×4, 6×6
* 10 engine
* 4 transmission
* Real Interior
* Painting
* Only automatic a hitch with a trailer
* New wheels Fixed
* Real SOUND Truck
* Corrected Camera
* Fixed Physics Truck
* For Versions 1.24.x – 1.23.x
* Dealer Volvo

ATTENTION!!! For the correct work of mod, to removedeleted mods
KamAZ-5460 v6.0 & KamAZ 5460(TM1840)real !!!



3 Responses to Kamaz 5460 6×6

  1. Filatov says:

    какой он нахер 5460, дЭбил хоть бы поинтиресовался какие они по цыфрам как выглядят.

  2. JonTheVGNerd says:

    Crashes on going to DAF dealer.

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