Kamaz 5460 v 4.0


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– For version 1.15
– Fixed the error of registration tunning
– Fixed errors residence front of the mirror in the showroom
– Fixed icons
– Ordered independent camera
– Rewrote the chassis and made it fully actuated
– Redid the textures
– Added new color

Authors: Mr.Green, Lexan, Fanis, Abshabdul, Vinzel, vovangt4


7 thoughts on “Kamaz 5460 v 4.0

  1. Standalone or replace ?? dealer ??

    1. Dealer DAF

    1. Iti trebuie alta placa video ca se vede oribil.

    2. Где взять такой звук заднего хода как на видео?

  2. VelesM198

    Very nice mod, truck looks very good. It would be nice if there were more modifications for it. One note though. Reflections on the glass inside the cab have to go. They do not belong there and are very distracting. On the real truck they would not be there.

  3. Reflections on the glass to mutch

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