Kamaz 5460 v 5.0

Kamaz 5460

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Full adaptation for the new version of the game. 2 options its wheels.
New interior, From Koral
All the dyed parts in 4K
The fuel tank on 4×2
The bumper and front fenders plastic
Removed wheel drive chassis.

Added original salon cabin.
Two modes of operation janitors
Modified engines

Tested on version 1.19 s

Authors: SCS, Vinzel, vovangt4


6 Responses to Kamaz 5460 v 5.0

  1. EneaMaconi says:

    The original interiors!!! finally! 😀

  2. Anatoli says:

    Perfect! Thank you, парни. It’s hard to fault to anything. I will sell tonight my truck for this KAMAZ. It is our sweet hometruck. We hold it a sacred. ))

  3. JN says:

    It’s definitely getting nicer and nicer, but there are several serious issues with this mod:

    1) The side mirror is invisible from the cabin.
    2) Additional lights (front and roof) are not possible to add.
    3) There is no audible backup alarm. In real life, it is a significant safety issue.

    Other than these obvious problems, this truck is definitely cool and authentic.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. thamishetty says:

    very very good truck 3 types of steering ,360 to 1000hp engine nice horn but only exterior sound is somewhat terrible , thts every military trck has ,but really play this truck u will definitely love this, in daf dealer , very very thanks to the authors of this truck

  5. miecio says:

    where can you buy it? i was in daf dealer but it wasnt there

  6. DC-David says:

    Hi, would you mind providing me with the wheels as a separate scs file? They have always been my favorite wheels in the game. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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