KAMAZ 5460 v2


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Features fashion V2:
– Fixed some flaws in the cabin
– Fixed some flaws in vneshke
– Prescribe less suitable sound
– Animated wipers with vneshke
– Added a little tuning to the salon
– Added a little tuning with vneshke
– Fixed front lighting fixtures
– Added Metallic Paint

Additional Information:
There are some problems with the instrument panel (rukastogo people on the anime was not found)
as well as the time from the lighthouse at low cabin (overlooked a bit).
Who lit / rosy glasses, adjust normal schedule and disable HDR.
In the future we plan to release another version,
with some corrections and changes in tuning.

Mr.Green, Lexan, Fanis


13 thoughts on “KAMAZ 5460 v2

  1. chung kamaz

    good thanks

  2. chung kamaz

    thanks good

  3. Szatanshow

    ### STOP with mods that replace all the trucks in a dealer This one replaces all DAF trucks

  4. Why not specified in the description of the author rework ????!! VINZEL

  5. is standalone?

    1. Sarkissian

      Yes, it is.

  6. Ребят доведите этот грузовик до ума пожалуйста,очень понравился!Заранее благодарен всем авторам!

  7. Володя

    Модель хорошая долго ждал её. Сделайте ей родные двигатели и коробку передач.

  8. GUYS NEW TRUCK WATCH NOW! :http://youtu.be/eufm0yeTw5Y

  9. Looks very nice indeed. Can’t see them on the road here in Serbia, but somehow I always find these trucks more interesting to drive. Somehow less perfect, more rough.

  10. Matheus Vieira

    Can someone help me??? I activate the mod, and when I try to buy it from the DAF store, the truck is not there… but when I take my trucks to a repair shop and buy new parts for my truck, the kamaz rims are there… help???

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