Kamaz 5460TM


=First, 5460TM in ETS2!=

Plase do not reupload!
Many people worked on this!

Kazlovito, Mansxa, Ibacazacs, Koral, Nazar Klimenko, Mr.Green, Nikita Belkin, vovangt4, castello


7 thoughts on “Kamaz 5460TM

  1. AftoTruck

    Nice mod bro! THE BEST TRUCK EVER! 😉

  2. Download! Awesome mod! My dad have 5460TM 🙂
    Thanks! the game is not interesting without your mod

  3. 1.25 not work!

  4. ObichanmMODS

    Best mod ever!

  5. that is not first !

  6. Crashed when buying (

  7. в каком салоне продается?

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