Kamaz 5490 Neo/65206

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Model of the Russian mainline tractor KAMAZ 5490 Neo and 65206
The model has its own interior, its own original sounds, a small variable tuning, and its own on-Board computer

Max_Dmitriev, SimKA, Jon_Ruda, EVR Studios, Piva, Alex Budaev


3 thoughts on “Kamaz 5490 Neo/65206

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.36…

  2. Mobius Ace

    About the interior, the instrument/gauge cluster is accurate to the real truck but the dashboard and steering wheel taken from the SCS MB Actros are not.

  3. The Old Fart

    I quite like this, it’s a nice truck and it’s a pleasure to have something different. I do have one critique: the dashboard gauges are much too bright (not the computer). They are so bright it is difficult to drive at night. Could you adjust them so we could dim their brightness. If not, perhaps an addon to have them in red might help. Thank you for a nice mod.

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