Kamaz 5511 1997 v1.4 1.43

– Added spiral cables;
– removed a defect in bright reflection on the windshield;
– headlights shine with standard white color;
– added animation of windows in the interior from both sides, and outside only from the driver’s side;
– converted the sound to the FMOD format;
– registered in its car dealership;
– each engine has its own sound;
– They added trailers of course (not from KAMAZ, but also look good, they can be bought and made by their own).

To install a mod, unpack the archive. There are two files: KamAZ itself and trailers itself, KamAZ should be the highest priority.



2 thoughts on “Kamaz 5511 1997 v1.4 1.43

  1. Otchen horosho Thanks!

  2. My 4K movie of this truck 🙂 https://youtu.be/z2PlJ_5p0cs

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