Kamaz 6520


Russian powerful Kamaz

Authors: Lexan, Fanis, Xaker, Maksim Kokorin


12 thoughts on “Kamaz 6520

  1. Hamidreza

    interior ??

    1. Also, which dealership?

      Why can’t all truck mod makers just say which dealership it’s located in. Surely it ain’t that hard to say ‘found in ‘?

      1. @rikster

        Yes, you’re right. I am personally excited that on also.

  2. В каком салоне сие чудо найти?версия игры?
    и видео если можно

  3. AlexCrazy

    it is not ETS2 mod, it’s for GTS

    1. Hamidreza

      for GTS !
      #### !

    2. Тогда чё он тут делает?

  4. Rly this is for GTS?

    1. Hamidreza


  5. get ?????

  6. Where can i buy it???

    1. this is for GTS

      this is for GTS

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