Kate’s Voice Navigation Pack

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Hello friends, Today I am very proud to release my GPS Voice Mod that I have been working on in collaboration with my wonderful friend Kaitlyn. Special Thanks to Kaitlyn for recording the voice samples for me 🙂 .

Kameer(The Gaming God),Kaitlyn


6 thoughts on “Kate’s Voice Navigation Pack

  1. andreas venker

    Hallo stell erst mal deine lenkung richtig ein ,auf gamepad:)) das ist ja n rumgehackel bei deinen lenkrad:))

  2. Was this video here made to demonstrate the vioce navigation or his road rage and terrible driving?

  3. jeff hrigg

    how the hell can you play without a steering wheel..it seems ur using the keyboard?

    1. avec un volant c’est serte un vrais +
      mais bon faut l’acheter aussi… bref!
      perso je joue en Clavier/Sourie et je contrôle le volant à la souris, une sourie Gaming avec un contrôleur de DPI.

  4. previous speaker thinks that ya driving style is a disaster ^^
    maybe adjust the steering sensitivity 🙂
    but since this is only about the mod…nice voice… a bit quiet ^^

  5. A_C_Muller

    Some people forget that little kids as young as 6 years old also play this game. The parents usually don’t have a spare/extra $300-$500 for a gaming wheel so that their kid can upload a video with soft & smooth driving.

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