Kaukokiito Tandem


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This is Re-skin of some other mods.

In .zip file there is instructions what mods you need and the correct load order!

Authors: mrRayman2010, Capital, RJL,GT-Mike, Flemming V, 50keda



10 thoughts on “Kaukokiito Tandem

  1. can the tow hitch be added to a trailer to pull the dolly? , a tri dolly would be sweat to?
    nice mod as well thanks

  2. pakko testata.. kiitos

    1. mrRayman2010

      Toivottavasti tykkäät! 🙂

  3. Military_Pig

    Мод говно,прицепная тележка не поворачивается.

    1. mrRayman2010

      I’m sorry but the games physics don’t allow second turning point.

      1. But a plugin isn’t a solution? Example; Do you playing Counter Strike 1.6? It’s 25 weapons in game that modders cannot modify the ammo pack and add weapons (Without plugin). But with an plugin modders can add to counter strike 1,6 everything!!!!!! With Euro Truck Simulator 2 cannot someone make same like CS 1.6? Disclaimer: Its a idea!!!

  4. Trucker_Bob

    Seems nice! Thanks!

  5. Lisää näitä 🙂

  6. en un juego de american truck de scs y en ETS primera versión no versión ETS2, había un tren de carretera que tenia este tanden y hiba perfectamente bien reflejo real de la realidad.
    ¿se podría implementar en ETS2

  7. oliver villadsen

    have your a youtube link to cutomize

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