Kazmunaygaz Trailer Fixed & Edited 1.31.x

FIXED – EDITED: Sergey NoesMalo
Updated to 1.31.x
Added trailer cables support.
Fixed 3D model (vertices, height, axles, collisions).
Added advanced coupling.
Fixed lightmask and lights.
Fixed ui shadow and fakeshadow.
Added fire extinguishers.
Added license plate lights.
Now you can see it in traffic.
Now has standalone wheels.
Deleted innecesary files.
Fixed missing trailer in jobs browser.

Sergey NoEsMalo,Bo Ezduk, il_86, satan19990


2 thoughts on “Kazmunaygaz Trailer Fixed & Edited 1.31.x

  1. looks good.
    no template?

  2. Please could you provide a template for this trailer. It’s for personal use only thanks.

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