Kenworth T600


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Updated on 12/14/15
Fixed external camera

– Prescribe a certain slot in the interior of a Volvo
– Tuning (bumpers, sun visors, wings, extra mirrors, extra lighting dome on the roof, statues on the hood)
– Its interior
– Their sound
– Truck and bake painted
– Light Mask

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17 thoughts on “Kenworth T600

  1. Is it blinking inside at night?? Because last time it was so,with latest t600,or maybe it was some bug from other mods!!??

    1. I have the same issue with RJL’s streamline and R cab mods.

  2. very good mod! a lot of details on the inside! i really enjoy it, but its maybe a lil bit underpowered when pulling heavy loads.

    1. Kiwi Trucker

      This was the 1990’s, truck engines weren’t as powerful as they are now

      Anyway, it just makes the big loads more fun and challenging!

  3. Will this work with 1.21 or only for 1.22?

  4. maarten willem

    if blinking turn off chrome strips and or external airfilter in chrome
    then the bliking inside cabin at night will stop greets

  5. Fix the front glass?

  6. Don’t mean to criticize as I cant model , but I cant get past the cab roof slope is way too slanted . I have only seen T600 roofs with a more flatter design style even the later/newer models …SAR and 608 908’s dont slant this much. could be wrong but have yet to see this like the model displays. Nice work all the same but had to uninstall for this minor gripe.

  7. HD Review 1080p: Tested on version 1.22

  8. Beautiful truck, but it has the wrong interior. Hopefully it gets updated.

  9. Wrong interior all I can say

  10. MaxiZarich

    i love the kentworth

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