Kenworth T600 New

kenworth-t600-1 kenworth-t600-2

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– Standalone
– Cabin
– Interior
– Chassis
– Sound
– Accessories

Tested Game version
Find in Renault Dealer

Authors: SCS, gianst, franck_peru, MaxaGent


11 thoughts on “Kenworth T600 New

  1. Почему руль не регулируется ?

  2. I don’t know if it’s just my computer but there’s no sound, the wipers don’t work, there’s no rear blinkers, the steering wheel don’t turn, etc…
    C’mon guys, you can do better than this; it feels like a WIP than a finished mod.

  3. T.I.R-Oldtimer

    In my game it doesn’t even has a steering wheel. Version 1.25.2.

  4. Кстати , в АТС он работает как надо !!!

  5. EST2_USER

    People not you know that what goes up or have in the firm MAXAGENT, VLADIMIR1203, MODS_ATS, LOSEVO58, GRONINGEN is fake, stolen, obsolete or incomplete (or 4 things).
    Do not give them more reasons to these “gentlemen” to continue here.
    Do not download anything when you see these names: disappointment guaranteed.
    We should support the people who work it hours before the blender, photoshop to create quality content to improve the game, not “this”.

    1. T.I.R-Oldtimer

      Thank you for the tip.

  6. hello it doesn work for me, it has no interior and some modules looks bugged can you fix it? i really like your mod but i can;t enjoy it


    1. ETS2_USER

      Why you don’t read a little?

  7. Maikl fox

    where’s the steering wheel?

  8. This Mod of Kenworth T600 doesn’t move the wheel

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